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The simple answer is yes. You need a Lawyer For a Real Estate Sale in Edmonton. Financial institutes require a lawyer to handle your properties mortgage registration or removal from the Land Title. Real Estate is one of, the largest investment you’ll ever make. Because of this, it only makes sense to have all documentation completed with a lawyer to ensure all details are legally binding. In this article, we will take a closer look at why you need to use a lawyer when buying or selling real estate. Then, dig deeper into what to expect from a real estate lawyer in Edmonton, including their duties and real estate lawyer fees. For additional real estate advice visit my website home page or call me!

Do I Need A Lawyer To Sell Property In Edmonton If I Have A REALTOR®?

The short answer is yes. This is why: Your REALTORS® job is to sell your home by marketing the property to find a buyer. Once you have a serious buyer, your REALTOR® works with you and the buyers REALTOR® to negotiate a deal and solidify a contractual agreement that outlines the conditions, terms, possession date, price etc. You and your REALTOR® work to satisfy the conditions of the contract until the Buyers waive their conditions.

This is when your lawyer enters the picture. The lawyers handle conveyancing between the buyer and sellers banks. The registration processes with Alberta Land Titles, and ensure that the terms of the contract are met. Your lawyer is responsible for, the money transfer, and changes to the land title on possession day.

What Does The Real Estate Lawyer Do For The Seller At Closing In Edmonton?

There are many tasks that a real estate lawyer must execute. They include:

1 – Ensure all contract terms have been met.

2 – Ensure money has been transferred from buyer to seller.

3 – Ensure your mortgage is paid including all bank fees.

4 – Removal of all liens and other encumbrances from the Land Title.

5 – Disbursement of all commissions owed to REALTORS®.

6 – Ensure a compliant and current Real Property Report is provided to the buyer prior to closing.

What Does The Real Estate Lawyer Do For The Buyer At Closing In Edmonton?

The buyer also benefits from the services of a real estate lawyer. This is what the lawyer does for the buyer:

1- Ensure all contract terms have been met

2 –Secure the buyer’s down payment, and mortgage funds, plus any closing costs

3 – Ensure your mortgage is properly registered on with Land Titles

4 – Remove any liens, debts, or other encumbrances from the title prior to possession.

5 – Ensure there is a current and compliant Real Property Report

6 – Apply for any encroachment agreements if needed.

Edmonton Lawyers and Real Property Reports (RPR)

A survey company creates the Real Property Report and the City of Edmonton verifies it’s compliance. A Real Property Report is a document that essentially identifies and shows the outline of your property and the size and location of each of the structures on that piece of land. Think of it as a map of your property and what it contains. Check out this post on how to order an RPR.

Murray & Stadnyk Law

All Edmonton real estate agents use the same AREA contract. Buyers and Sellers must observe Section 10.2 of this contract. Section 10.2 states that a current and compliant RPR (Real Property Report) must be available for the buyer prior to closing. The City will mark the report as compliant if it complies with properties zoning regulations.

What Happens If the Seller does not have a Current and Compliant RPR?

During the purchasing process, the Buyer’s lawyer will ask if a compliant RPR is available. The seller’s REALTOR® should have one ready on behalf of their client. If an RPR is not available the Sellers lawyer must prepare one. If you are buying or selling a property with Title Insurance in lieu of an RPR, your lawyer does not have to prepare a Current or Complaint RPR.

Title insurance is an easy trick to save on money if you do not have a Real Property Report. Ask your REALTOR® about Title insurance, or take a look at my posts on Real Property Reports.

Real Estate Lawyers Enforce The Terms and Conditions of Your Real Estate Sale

Your Lawyer has an obligation to ensure your home sale complies with the terms and conditions of the purchase contract. These are some common terms your lawyer may enforce:

  • That vacant possession is provided.
  • All unattached goods sold with the house, remain on possession day.
  • Paid invoices are in hand for work the seller did before possession.

If terms in your contract have not been satisfied your lawyer can withhold money from the sellers, until those terms have been met. A good example is when the sellers promise a professional cleaning before closing.

Is There A Difference Between A Real Estate Lawyer and A Normal Lawyer?

If you have asked the question, can I sell my property with any lawyer? The short answer is yes. Selling Edmonton property is possible with a lawyer, but you would be wise to retain a real estate lawyer rather than a normal lawyer. The reason for this is that a real estate lawyer specializes in real estate law from transactions to disputes. This does not mean that a normal lawyer cannot do the same job, only real estate lawyers practice property law exclusively.

Another benefit of using a real estate lawyer, is their price. Real Estate lawyers have efficient methods in place to deal with residential property transactions. A Normal lawyer may charge an hourly rate, but a real estate lawyer will propose a flat fee for your transaction.

What Are Closing Costs When Selling My Real Estate In Edmonton?

Closing costs differ for both the seller and buyer.

Closing Costs for Home SELLERS

The actual dollar amount varies, but sellers must cover the cost of Property Tax up to the possession date, condo fees if they apply, standard legal fees, and REALTOR® fees.

Closing Costs for Home BUYERS

Closing costs for a buyer are the expenses that remain above the purchase price of the new home. This includes the balance of the purchase price minus the mortgage amount and any pre-paid deposits. There will be legal fees, CMHC fees if applicable, tax adjustments, insurance, property inspection fees, appraisal fees, deposit fees for utilities, and other outstanding fees. The costs will vary but will likely range between $2,000 and $2,500.

What are Normal Real Estate Lawyer Fees In Edmonton?

Real Estate legal fees vary from deal to deal. Lawyer fees are differ for sellers and buyers. Buyers normally pay more for their lawyer, as their duties coordinating the new mortgage are greater.

A real estate buyer should expect between $700 to $800 in fees (before disbursements).

A real estate seller should expect between $575 to $700 in fees (before disbursements).

This is a breakdown of the tasks you pay your lawyer to perform.

  • Collecting mortgage instructions from the bank/lender.
  • Preparing new mortgage documents.
  • Preparing Title Insurance (if needed).
  • Coordinate Surveyor and City of Edmonton for Real Property Report (if needed).
  • Collect the buyers required equity for closing (minus the initial deposit).
  • Mortgage document signing.
  • Request mortgage funds be available for the closing date.
  • Send the seller’s lawyer the funds collected on possession date.
  • Register the new mortgage on Title .
  • Create a statement outlining all adjustments made.
  • Provide the final land title showing new owners name and mortgage registration.

As extensive a list as this is, total legal fees in Edmonton should not cost more than $800 before disbursements. Disbursements are sums of money paid to the bank, land titles registration office, etc.. The lawyer pays these fees on your behalf.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Call a Lawyer of your choice once your home Is unconditionally sold

Call a few law firms if you want, it is important to collect quotes. Tell the lawyer, you have a unconditional purchase contract for the sale of your house. The lawyer will only be able to start their work once the purchase contract is unconditional so it is important you convey this information.

Tell your Real Estate Agent who you are using as a Lawyer

For Conveyancing purposes it is important your agent knows who you are using as a Lawyer as soon as possible. Your agents broker will send your lawyer the purchase contract, commission break down, and any additional addendums or amendments to the contract.

Meet your lawyer prior to closing to sign formal closing documents

Whether you are selling or buying real estate you must meet in person with you lawyer before closing. In order for Alberta Land Titles to register your new ownership physical copies of the final closing contracts must be signed. For buyers, this meeting is also when they provide the mortgage down payment to be held in trust prior to closing.

So, do you really need a Real Estate Lawyer to sell your house?

Yes, you most certainly do! The best way to do this is with an Edmonton real estate lawyer who specializes in property law. That way, you know your real estate interests are at the top of their mind and that all documents and details are handled professionally, without any surprise fees or bills.

Dayneris quintana
Dayneris quintana
We recently had the pleasure of working with Logan to sell our apartment located in Edmonton while we live in Calgary, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Logan did an excellent job making suggestion for a better sale and renovating the apartment, transforming it into a stunning space. Thanks to his efforts, the apartment sold quickly and for above the asking price. Communication was seamless throughout the process. He kept us informed at every stage regarding the renovating process and the interest and in the apartment. We highly recommend Logan Patterson for his dedication, professionalism, and exceptional results. Thank you for your outstanding service!
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Clarence Bouwsema
Logan helped make the whole process easier and stressful free.
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Darren Rankin
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Michael Coderre
Logan was a pleasure to work with. He made recommendations on what would be the best money spent to sell our home quickly, and even lined up the trades and provided quotes for the work. In my opinion his services are a step above my past experiences, and I would highly recommend his services to any home seller. The fact that we sold the home for over asking price with no conditions was definitely the icing on the cake! Thanks Logan.
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Harry Yau
The whole experience selling my property was as easy as it could have been. Logan was incredibly helpful, keeping us up to date with amount of people interested, offers, and counters on a timely basis. He gave us comparable properties to help calibrate our asking price, and kept us updated on sale trends in the Edmonton market. He worked hard for our business, is very professional, and was always understanding of our availability limitations (total of 3 partners making decisions together from 3 different cities). I would hire him again, and would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in Edmonton.
Jaymee Sison
Jaymee Sison
Logan made the whole sale process from start to finish very easy. I live in a different city from where the property is located so I wasn't readily available to help with the sale. Logan coordinated photos, showings and best of all, he was respectful and mindful of our tenants who were currently living in the property. Thank you for your hard work Logan. We couldn't have been happier with the sale! $21K over list price!
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Reid Tames
Logan was phenomenal and super accommodating when it came to helping us buy our first home! We had so many questions and were challenging with our schedule but he was able to make it all work for US! Would highly recommend to any friends and family!!
MVP Power Inc
MVP Power Inc
Logan did an amazing job! He was very patient as we had seen several houses and willing to meet us any time. He was very knowledgeable about the neighbourhoods we wanted to buy in.

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